The AFFOLTER Group – a 100-year-old, fourth-generation family business – is an industrial concern that operates in the field of microtechnology and is based in Valbirse (Bernese Jura), Switzerland

The Art of Transmission

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For four generations, the AFFOLTER family business has been developing and handing down its expertise and experience within the industrial sector of microtechnology.

The AFFOLTER Group conducts its operations across 8,000 m2 of industrial space,
spread over four different sites in Valbirse (Bernese Jura),
that features modern and functional facilities.
It also has an office and showroom in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Le bâtiment pincipal du groupe AFFOLTER à Valbirse, Jura Bernois en Suisse

Over the years, several companies have emerged to supplement the range
of activities pursued.
These include Affolter China Co., Ltd in Shanghai, which was created in 2013, serves as a sales office and showroom, and gives the Group an international dimension.

The AFFOLTER Group realizes the importance of continuity,
which explains the emphasis it places on professional training.


Louis Affolter

Louis Affolter

A pivot-maker by trade,
Louis Affolter establishes
the business in 1919.

2sd Generation Affolter, André Affolter, René Affolter et Marc Affolter

André, René
and Marc Affolter
2nd generation

The business grows and develops. The members
of the second generation build
the first industrial premises.
The company is renamed
“Les Fils de Louis Affolter”.

3rd Generation of AFFOLTER, Jean-Claude, Michel et Marc-Alain Affolter

Michel and
Marc-Alain Affolter
3rd generation

The production facilities are
modernized with the help
of technology. The business
starts to diversify thanks to
the knowledge and expertise
of the third generation.

Grégory Affolter, Nicolas Curty et Vincent Affolter

Grégory Affolter
Nicolas Curty
and Vincent Affolter
the current Management Committee

Those representing the fourth
generation continue to help
the Group develop through
new products and markets.


The AFFOLTER Group is primarily involved
in two lines of business:

With its genuine flair for innovation, the AFFOLTER Group offers its customers high-quality solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.