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A great year for AFFOLTER!
Louis Affolter founded his company in 1919,
4 generations later, Affolter has the pleasure of celebrating 100 years of industrial and family history in the Bernese Jura.

Louis Affolter, born 1880, grows up and attends school in Malleray (Bernese Jura). He learns the trade of pivot-maker, which he practises on a self-employed basis, before being employed by “Record Dreadnought Watch Co. SA” in Tramelan and then taking up the position of head of manufacturing at “La Champagne Louis Müller & Cie”, a watchmaking factory in Bienne. In 1919, he leaves his post and sets up on his own in Renan. The business is duly listed in the commercial register in 1927 under the entry “Louis Affolter, fabrique de pignons et pivotage en tous genres” (Louis Affolter, manufacturer of all kinds of pinions and pivots).

Louis Affolter has three sons named André, René, and Marc, all of whom join the family business. In 1985, the baton is passed on to the third generation in the form of Marc’s three sons, namely Marc-Alain, Jean-Claude, and Michel. Today, the Group is managed by Marc-Alain’s sons Vincent and Grégory with the help of Nicolas Curty. Several other members of the AFFOLTER family also play various roles within the company, which gives the business its friendly, family atmosphere and helps keep it close to its stakeholders and their concerns.

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