Polymechanics manufacture parts, tools, and metal devices used for production purposes. They assemble equipments, machines, or installations and program, inspect, maintain, and repair industrial production installations.
In collaboration with other professionals, they deal with orders and projects, develop construction solutions, create technical documents or build prototypes, and perform tests.
They are involved in commissioning, planning, and monitoring in relation to manufacturing processes or carry out maintenance work.

4 years

of apprenticeship

Based on 3 and a half days within
the business and 1 and a half days
in school.


Your training will be split across several businesses in the region

Businesses in the Valbirse area pool their expertise in order to offer you first-rate, well-rounded training for your professional future as a polymechanic. The idea is to improve the apprenticeships on offer for a profession of strategic importance to the region.  The businesses running the training encourage apprentices to take the courses leading to a federal vocational baccalaureate in a technical subject “MPT”. This apprenticeship pathway is aimed at promoting excellence. And the value of a vocational baccalaureate is beyond dispute.


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